The Novus was designed to benefit physicians and their patients  


Novus does not replace regular patient office visits, interfere in treatment plans or the care being provided to the patient by their current providers.

Novus focuses on the needs of patient that are not being met in today’s healthcare environment. Providing these services, assisting with preventive care needs and reducing some of the burdens placed on primary care providers and clinical staff, allows primary care providers more time to focus on direct face to face patient care, address acute care needs and manage chronic conditions. The result is better outcomes and a higher quality of life for the patient.

Additional benefits for primary care providers as a result of Novus:

  • Closes care gaps and reduces liabilities

  • Reduction in administrative burdens

  • Improves ICD10, RAF/HCC coding and documentation

  • Improves HEDIS outcomes and star ratings

  • Reduces non-reimbursable work for the primary care physician and their staff by over 45 minutes per patient annually

  • Providers have more information and documentation and more time to spend providing, face to face direct patient care

  • Reduction in crisis care episodes, emergency room visits and hospitalizations

  • Patients are more engaged in their care and understand the importance of scheduling regular office visits and follow their providers recommendations for screenings, labs, immunizations, exams and referrals

  • Patients have the knowledge and resources needed to follow treatment plans and achieve care goals

  • Patients receive assistance to pay for medications, office co-pays, nutritional food and other needs effecting their quality of life.


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