The Novus patient engagement and population management program was designed by physicians for physicians, with two specific objectives:                                                                  

  • Take away the expense and administrative burden from the physician, practice and their staff, allowing them to concentrate on patient care while being reimbursed properly for the level of care provided. 

  • Engage the patient to take an active role in their care and follow treatment plans to increase patient satisfaction, loyalty and outcomes while reducing crisis care episodes and expenses, resulting in a higher quality of life.

Less than 50% of all patients are up to date with preventive services, screenings, labs and office visits.  A well informed and engaged patient will help drive demand for preventative services, labs, screenings and office visits.

Novus approaches Chronic Care Management with an emphasis on our disease management protocols that have been proven over 15 years to improve patient engagement, outcomes and practice revenue. These comprehensive protocols include reinforcing the physician’s treatment plans, overcoming barriers to care, increasing compliance and providing the documentation to make the patients office visits more productive and efficient for the practice, physician and their patients.

Apart from thorough and proper patient documentation and preventive services identification, Novus will also provide you with the proper documentation to bill at the appropriate level based on the care provided. The lack of proper documentation, coding, patient engagement and under billing is costing the average provider over $472 per patient per year in revenue.

As the premier provider of Medicare patient assessments, documentation and patient population management in the industry, Novus Healthcare excels in helping practices meet all required quality and performance benchmarks while also identifying the best care protocols that lead to improved patient outcomes, while also reducing the administrative burden on the practice. Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality of patient and practice satisfaction which is why we maintain a 100 percent client retention rate.

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