Since I founded Meridian Medical Practice Solutions, I have been searching for a means to increase or diversify the revenue base of our physician members. The greatest challenge in doing so comes down to a few common denominators; integration and utilization. There are plenty of treatment devices, alternative therapies, and so on, however the learning curve, paradigm shift, or outright cost of entry typically creates a burden that is simply beyond the bandwidth the physician or group may have available.

Finally, through the Novus Healthcare platform, I have found a means to enable our physicians to maximize their accumulated patient base, increase the level of care and patient satisfaction through their in-home assessments, and get back to their true love and focus- the delivery of care. The marriage they said didn’t exist, improved patient outcome and increased reimbursement for the physician, all while maximizing their time in the treatment room, is now here. In today’s Healthcare environment, a greater asset to the practice has yet to come forth.


Charles Tramont
Meridian Medical Practice Solutions