With the plethora of sweeping changes taking shape upon the landscape of healthcare reform, physicians by and large admit they are as confused as they are misinformed if not uninformed on the impending developments expected.  As advocates for, and stakeholders in this effort, physicians are overwhelmed with their current existing time constraints of treating patients compounded against the backdrop of running their busy practices to get up to speed. However, as challenging as the effort is, they have little to no choice given the effects upon them, their current patient base and their future prospective patients added to this.

The growing red flags for the finances of physicians’ practices as well as their patients who rely upon their doctor for information only complicates these matters exponentially. Patients no doubt will expect their doctors to understand how all of this will function and effect them as well. Sadly the critical lack of awareness among both physicians and patients is as disturbing as it is daunting.

What is the enrollment time deadline? Will it be met?

How will insurance policies purchased on the state exchanges, a pillar in healthcare reform laws, affect patients versus physicians’ business?

What are the coverage terms for patients, including cancellation and grace periods?

How will the new claims process work?

What will the contracted rates with payers in the exchanges be?

These are but a few, as a small sampling only, of the many more questions that physicians and patients must get their arms around immediately. Any one of these unanswered questions is more than enough to effect their patients, themselves, their offices and their personal finances.

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