Novus Healthcare realizes the importance of having thorough, accurate and detailed, supporting documentation and  achieving the necessary benchmarks on patients attributed to your ACO.

The challenges facing ACO’s in obtaining the necessary data and documentation have historically been overwhelming and expensive.


The top ten reported challenges facing ACO’s in capturing everything they need are:
• Engaging patients attributed to the ACO
• Establishing the patients current state of health and risk factors
• Ensuring physicians collect all the necessary documentation
• Identify all providers serving to your ACO patients
• Uniform reporting across multiple EMR systems
• Identifying medication errors and care gaps
• Reducing acute care episodes and expenses
• Obtaining supporting documentation to achieve ACO benchmarks
• Identifying under billing and needed preventive services, screenings and labs
• Encouraging patient compliance with treatment plans.


Novus Healthcare not only addresses and overcomes these challenges on behalf of your ACO, we accomplish this while reducing your expenses and allowing your providers the freedom to provide the patient care necessary to improve outcomes, reduce crisis care episodes and expenses while achieving pay for reporting and pay for performance benchmarks.

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