INCREASE: Patient Engagement, Compliance, Retention, Documentation, Coding, Efficiency, Quality of Care, Outcomes and Revenue.

DECREASE: Burdens, Administrative Tasks, Liabilities, Care Gaps, Crisis Care Episodes, Under Billing and Expenses.


Through our home based Assessment and Patient Management Program, Novus handles the administrative task of identifying, documenting and coding your Medicare patient’s current health status on an annual basis. Novus also improves patient engagement, compliance, while providing thorough documentation, with, ICD’S, RAF and HCC. Novus identifies and closes liabilities along with care gaps, reduces medication errors, identifies under billing for the level of care provided. Patients become more engaged, follow treatment plans, receive recommended preventative services and schedule regular office visits.


Novus approaches the Annual Wellness Visit and Chronic Care Management with an emphasis on disease management protocols that have been proven over 15 years to improve patient engagement, outcomes and practice revenue. These comprehensive protocols include reinforcing the physician’s treatment plans, overcoming barriers to care, increasing compliance and providing the documentation to make the patients office visits more productive and efficient for the practice, patient and physician. There is no change to patient work flow nor are there any new processes or procedures to implement.

As the premier provider of assessments and patient  population management in the industry, Novus helps practices meet required quality and performance measures and identifying the best care protocols that lead to improved patient outcomes, while at the same time reducing the administrative burden and expense on the practice and physicians.

There is NO COST to the practice or patients and no change in work flow.

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